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*Davinelli S et al. Maturitas 2017 Feb;96:77-83.

What is Menopause?

/ Menopause is the stopping of menstruation.
/ Around this period, the secretion of female hormones decreases gradually, leading to infertility and certain physiological and psychological changes.
/ These changes usually occur in their 40s. The median age of menopause in Hong Kong women is 51 but the actual age of menopause varies.

Physiological Symptoms**
/ Hot flushes
Because of vasodilatation, women may experience a sudden hot feeling, which can spread from the chest to the neck and face. It can last for a few minutes and is usually accompanied with sweating all over the body.
/ Palpitation^
/ Excessive sweating, especially during hot flushes^
/ Headache, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia^
/ Irregular menstruation
Menstruation can become irregular before actual menopause. If women notice that they have prolonged and heavy menstrual period or postmenopausal vaginal bleeding, they should seek medical advice.
/ Vaginal dryness
Decreased vaginal secretion, vaginal atrophy and decreased elasticity of the vagina can sometimes cause pain during sexual intercourse.
/ Osteoporosis
A reduction in the secretion of hormones, especially oestrogen, speeds up the loss of calcium in the body, causing the bones to become porous and brittle.

Psychological Symptoms**
Some women undergoing menopause experience depression, irritability, anxiety, emotional fluctuations or loss of confidence. Some may suffer from deterioration of memory or difficulty in concentrating. 

** Dealing with Menopause 2015 Aug, FHS-WH26AB, Department of Health the Government of HKSAR.
^ Women experiencing these symptoms do not necessarily mean approaching menopause. Seek advice from your health care providers if you have any queries.

Menopause Self Test:
The Menopause Quick 6 Questionnaire***

If you answers Yes to any of Question 1 to 4, you might have Menopause.

Menstrual irregularities signal imminent menopause.

Up to 80% of menopausal women experience vascomotor symptoms.

There are changes to the vulva, vagina, and urinary tract and to sexual functioning owing to the menopausal drop in estrogen.

There are changes to the urinary tract owing to the menopausal drop in estrogen.

Sleep disturbances are common during menopause and are most often attributed to hot flashes. 

Menopause is a high-risk time for first-episode or recurrent depression. In addition, anxiety and irritability peak during perimenopause.


*** Goldstein S. An efficient tool for the primary care management of menopause.
Can Fam Physician. 2017 Apr;63(4):295-298.

How to deal with Menopause?

Menopause is a normal and natural stage in a woman's life. It is only a temporary phase and is not an illness. Everything will return to normal once a "new" hormonal balance is regained.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, coronary heart disease and other health problems.

/ Take a balanced diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and foods with high calcium content, such as beans, soya bean products, dark green vegetables, fish and dairy products.

/ Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

/ Engage in regular physical activities, e.g. walking and jogging.

/ Get adequate sleep and rest.

/ Be cheerful and positive. Share your feelings and experience with friends.

/ For women with severe menopausal symptoms, doctor may prescribe hormonal replacement therapy based on individual needs.

/ For women with mild to moderate menopausal symptoms, clinically proven Equopausa® Complete can relieve symptoms and improve menopause-related quality of life in healthy women.*

*Davinelli S et al. Maturitas 2017 Feb;96:77-83.




EQUOPAUSA® COMPLETE is a food supplement containing RESEQUO® (Fermented Soy and Resveratrol), Melatonin, Magnesium, K2 and D3 Vitamin, useful for menopausal women in the reduction of the menopause symptoms. In particular, Melatonin contributes in the reduction of time to fall asleep; Magnesium contributes to the normal nervous system functioning and the D3 Vitamin supports bone health.

RESEQUO® is the association between Fermented Soy and Reservatrol, patented by Paladin Pharma Spa.

EQUOPAUSA® COMPLETE is Clinically Proven*

EQUOPAUSA® COMPLETE is clinically proven for menopausal women to relieve hot flushes, sweating, sleep disorders, depressive symptoms, irritability, exhaustion, dryness of intimate part, joint and muscular discomfort in 12 weeks.*

Direction of Use
One tablet daily before going to sleep

/ Do not exceed the daily dosage
/ Do not consume during pregnancy 
/ Food supplements are not meant to be used as substitutes of a complete, varied and balanced nutrition as well as a healthy lifestyle
/ Keep out of reach of children

Country of Origin
Made in Italy

The First Human Clinical Study Conducted to Investigate the Effectiveness of EQUOPAUSA® COMPLETE, in healthy menopausal women.*

Sixty recently menopausal women aged 50–55 years were randomized in a 12-week, placebo-controlled trial to receive 1 tablet per day. The primary outcome was the change in score on the Menopause Rating Scale (MRS), used to evaluate the severity of age-/menopause-related complaints. Additional outcome measures includedthe subject-reported score on the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D) and Nottingham HealthProfile (NHP), which was used specifically to assess sleep quality.

Menopausal Symptoms Relief (%) After 4 WeeksAfter 12 Weeks
No Hot Flushes, Sweating53%73%
No Heart Discomfort63%79%
No Sleep Problems37%53%
No Depressive Symptoms0%75%
No Irritability44%61%
No Physical & Mental Exhaustion27%65%
No Sexual Problems23%73%
No Bladder Problems50%80%
No Dryness of Vagina18%86%
No Joint & Muscular Discomfort67%81%
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*Davinelli S et al. Maturitas 2017 Feb;96:77-83.



/ Watsons Stores
/ Local Pharmacies or Medicine Stores


Yes, every women will have Menopause. It is a natural process and typically happens from age 45 to 55.

It varies from person to person. It can last from several months to several years.

According to clinic study, It is recommended to take Equopausa Complete everyday for at least 3 consecutive months.

There is no side effect as long as you do not exceed the daily dosage.

You should consult health care professional if you take other medicines/supplements at the same time.

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